ISI的全名是 International Study Institute ISI 成立2001年,學校地點位於都柏林市中心, 不論去哪都很近交通很方便.愛爾蘭教育部認可的國際語言學校之一, 2014年榮幸地被評為歐洲五星级語言學校同時ISI也在愛爾蘭移民局及語言推廣部認可的MEI List (Marketing English in Ireland)上. ISI 語學院是中小型規模, 學生數不是那麼多的關係老師會更細心的照顧學生和朋友也可以變得更親密.另外,國籍比例很多元和很多國家的人見面的話可以了解那個國家的文化並間接體會.愛爾蘭語學院ISI提供非常多元化的課後活動.像是工作社,閱讀社,戲劇社,TV社,愛爾蘭文化社, 都柏林ISI課程很多樣不論是ESL課程,劍橋考試班課程、IELTS、集中會話課程等等一般英語課程也能上考試課程和商業英語課程.          更多ISI語言學校資訊

連絡電話+353 1 872 7888
地址4 Meetinghouse Lane, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 1, IRELAND
General English - 15hoursV
General English - 20hoursV
General English - 25hoursV
Cambridge Exams - 20 hoursV
General English + Business English - 20 hours V

*還有 一堂課=60分鐘

Free Social Evening Events

There is plenty to do in the evenings! Each week we offer one the following:

  • Irish sing-a-long
  • Irish dancing
  • Table quiz
  • Pub crawl (adults only!)
  • Irish music and dance show
  • Theatre/shows

Free Walking Tours of Dublin and Welcome Reception

Every Monday afternoon you can take part in a walking tour of Dublin, which could focus on one area:

  • Temple Bar Tour
  • Docklands Tour
  • Dublin’s Green Parks

Free Cultural Excursions

You can learn about Dublin and its rich culture and history by taking part in our free excursions:

  • Trinty College
  • Dublin Castle
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Archaelogical museum
  • National Art Gallery
  • National Museum Collins Barricks

Free Clubs

Students can sign up to School Clubs every week. These include:

  • Jobs Club – a teacher will assist you in finding a part-time job
  • Reading club – an examination of literature for English language students
  • Drama club – you will learn techniques from drama to improve fluency and confidence
  • Irish history and culture club – students learn about all things Irish!

Paid Cultural Excursion

Of course not everything is free, there are some great destinations which require an entry fee. We offer these once a week: Cost: € 7 – 10

  • Guinness Storehouse
  • Kilmainham Gaol
  • Christchurch Cathedral
  • Jameson Distillery
  • Dublinia Viking Museum

Saturday excursions

Every Saturday all year round students may go on excursions all over Ireland:

Weekly. Cost: €25 – 35

  • Wicklow
  • Kilkenny
  • Belfast/Giant’s Causeway
  • Connemara
  • Cliffs of Moher