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EATEAT is a fast foods restaurants where spreads all around The UK and they sell Sandwichs, salads, pie, drinks etc. If you want to want to apply for this restaurant, please go through this link :  One of my friend used to work here and he used to bring all left over after closing the shop so you may save up money for foods as well. I hope you can get good results.

Hours per Week: 20

Hours of Work: Between the hours of 05:30am to 10:00 am monday to friday

Salary: Starting rate of pay is £6.80, going up to £6.90 after the 12 week probationary period.


StarbucksStarbucks is one of the most famous working placement for Working Holiday Visa holders.

  1. You can download application form from and i recommend you to print those out enough numbers as it’s quite expensive for printing and is difficult to find the place.
  2. Get confidence and go to many Starbucks shops and spreads your CV. If you are lucky a manager will give you a direct interview. You can check location of Starbucks from this link :
  3. If you pass interview, you will get training and manger will decide later. The minimum wage is around £7.47 in London (Zone1&2)

Burger King

BURGER KINGBurger King is one of common fast restaurant in The UK. You will see that most workers will be foreigner. Get confident and spread CV, it won’t be very difficult to get a job. But, if your English is not good, the salary will be low.

Team Member : £5.93/hr

Crew Member : £5.19/hr

Cashier : £6.45/hr

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